The Hansen file Featured

7:29am EDT April 27, 2006
Born: The Bronx, N.Y.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, business administration, Troy State University, Alabama; completed graduate programs at the Air Command & Staff and Air War College

What is the biggest business lesson you’ve learned?
Recognize the importance of people. I think that’s extremely important. From being in the Air Force for 38 years, (I learned) that it’s one thing to motivate people to do a job, and it’s another thing to motivate people to go to war. It all comes down to people.

Whom do you admire most in business and why?
When I retired from the Air Force, the reason I wanted to work for Lockheed was a man that I think has the highest integrity of any businessman that I have ever seen. His name is Dan Tellep, and I hold him in high esteem. He was the CEO of Lockheed at the time.

On the skills a CEO needs to succeed: You have to have integrity to be successful. You have to be honest to be successful. You can’t be a little honest and you can’t have a little integrity. It’s tough, but those are two areas you need to concentrate on. If you do, you will be successful.