How Tony Conway builds strong customer service at A Legendary Event Featured

8:01pm EDT April 30, 2011
How Tony Conway builds strong customer service at A Legendary Event

At Tony Conway’s special events business, A Legendary Event, when any employee answers the phone, he or she is automatically responsible for whatever is on the other end. There’s no passing it off to anyone else — the person has to take ownership of it. Taking this approach to customer service is just one way that the company successfully puts on more than 2,500 events each year, which have garnered the company $15 million in revenue and more than 300 awards.

Smart Business spoke with Conway, the company’s owner and president, about how to have strong customer service.

What’s the key to strong customer service?

For leaders, they first have to make sure they’re listening to their customers and that they’re listening to their team. That’s a real key. They have to hear what their team has to say about what they’re dealing with with the customers and what the customers are asking about.

I would say, as well, if you’re going to make the decision to be a leader in any business, make sure you understand every job that everyone in your company has — what they go through, how they do it — so you can have that dialogue with them. If you come in as a leader and you spend no time with your product or your business or with what your talent is providing, you as a leader aren’t going to be effective. You can’t talk about something being hot if you don’t know where the heat comes from. You can’t talk about things being beautiful or fresh if you don’t know how it gets there and how it’s ordered and what the cost is.

There are many leaders out there who say, ‘Well, that’s why I hire the people with the strengths.’ It’s still something that leaders have to be a part of. Someone with that strength will, somewhere along the line, need some help. They’ll need guidance. They’ll need direction. They’ll need an opinion, and if you don’t understand what it is they do, how can you give that opinion? If you’re at the forefront and have no idea what your team does on a daily basis to make that happen, you’re really an ineffective leader.

How do you learn all those facets of the job?

You have to schedule the time, and go and do the job that your team does. You can’t schedule it one time. You have to constantly schedule that. It has to be a part of your calendar.

So if I decide I want to go in and work with the chefs because I want to know a new recipe, I need to schedule that with them. Get in, talk about first where is it ordered, how much it costs, what’s it being sold for, how do we prep it, how do we hold it, will those temperatures hold in a setting where we are. Same with the floral division — going in and saying, ‘Let’s talk about where in Colombia are these flowers coming from? What is the process for getting them here? If we run into a problem, what is our backup in how we will take care of the opportunity?’ [It’s the] simplest things with our team — making them stop and think through the logistics of what we do.

How do you effectively listen?

It’s listening and then repeating that question and stating, ‘If I’m hearing you correctly, what you would like to do is this and this and this. Am I correct? If I understand you correctly, you would like this to be a bright orange instead of a light orange, and I’d like to show you a couple photographs, so we’re making sure we’re on the same level.’

It’s not just listening but following up with that listening and then coming back to that client or employee and saying, ‘In this, did I answer your question, and did we achieve what you were trying to accomplish?’ so you’re really taking it full circle. If they say, ‘No,’ we haven’t solved that, so we go back through that process of coming to an agreement. You have to make sure that you’ve heard them correctly, so ask the question, shut up and let them talk.

We do 2,500 events a year. I can’t remember everything that a customer tells me, so we keep an incredible database. We repeat what we talked about. We send a note and say, ‘It was great meeting with you today, and it was great we talked about this and this and this.’ We’re building this trust and building that understanding.

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