How Sundial Plumbing Services ensures customer satisfaction Featured

8:01pm EDT August 31, 2011
Mitzi Smith Moore Mitzi Smith Moore

Wanda had been experiencing problems with her home’s plumbing for more than a decade. She had numerous pipe leaks and water heater issues, and she even had her entire plumbing redone in an attempt to fix her water woes. But it wasn’t until hiring Sundial Plumbing Services that her home’s plumbing problems were truly resolved.

“Mitzi, it took your team of techs less than 48 hours (to) solve a problem I’ve been dealing with for 15 years,” Wanda wrote in a letter of gratitude to President Mitzi Smith Moore.

Moore’s company is devoted to providing customer responsiveness, value and quality services and products. Sundial’s quality performance and high level of customer satisfaction have attracted a loyal following. In fact, repeat customer referrals make up a majority of Sundial Plumbing’s client source list.

The company caters to the needs of its customers in many ways. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Sundial Plumbing makes its highly trained staff available to customers as needed. Work scope and pricing is submitted in writing for customer approval prior to the start of a project, and an intensive, task-specific checklist is completed by an installing technician on site upon completion. The service manager then reviews these checklists, and a separate field quality assurance inspector visits the jobsite for a quality review. Findings are reported to managers for monitoring of industrywide best practices and results are incorporated as needed into the company’s training curriculum.

To further empower customers and provide world-class service, Sundial Plumbing ensures all service calls are followed up upon and results documented and reviewed. Employees are rewarded for positive feedback, while negative feedback is flagged to be resolved within an hour.

Through high quality of service, Sundial Plumbing provides its customers with plumbing solutions and peace of mind.

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