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8:06pm EDT August 31, 2011
Cool stuff

When plans were being made for “The Phantom of the Opera” grand opening at The Venetian in Las Vegas, an exclusive piece of merchandise was needed to celebrate the event and promote the brand. The Icebox, which had a previous relationship with Alternative Apparel, a leading lifestyle apparel brand, was called upon to deliver the goods.

A challenge arose when the artist designed a T-shirt with an all-over print that wrapped around the sleeves and shoulders. A solution was reached to print on cut pieces of fabric which were then shipped to a special printer and reassembled. A worldwide committee approved the process. A final touch was a coating of crystalline, which further complicated the sewing process. The result was a beautiful garment unparalleled by traditional screen printers.

That’s an example of the customer service offered by The Icebox under the leadership of CEO Jordy Gamson ? and a validation that companies can trust the quality of the products The Icebox provides.

But a company doesn’t have to have a Las Vegas presence to do business with The Icebox. Each customer relationship is valued and receives a “cool” experience regardless of size. Every customer receives a completely consultative experience to matching products based on actual needs.

It’s also not just enough to deliver “cool stuff.” If The Icebox delivers “cool” products but a bad experience, it’s considered a failure. Likewise, if a “cool” experience was delivered but with bad products, it’s a flop, as well.

All account representatives are empowered to discuss possible resolutions when something goes wrong, and they offer customers the option of having it fixed/replaced or an alternation solution.

Over the company’s 10 years it has had an excellent employee retention ratio and often attracts new candidates through clients and a reputation for being a “cool” place.

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