Hard deadlines Featured

8:01pm EDT August 31, 2011
Hard deadlines

When Kennesaw State University decided to build a new soccer complex, it expected strong customer service from Choate Construction Co., as the university has had Choate build 15 different projects throughout its campus.

But in addition to strong service, it also had a very tight and hard deadline: eight months in length so that the inaugural game for the Atlanta Beat women’s soccer franchise could be broadcast on Fox Sports Soccer Channel from the stadium.

“The original project schedule of eight months seemed challenging enough,” says Bob Heflin of the KSU Foundation. “Then consider, after several years of drought, we entered an extreme wet period in addition to freezing temperatures and snow causing us to lose 69 days to adverse weather. Many days it was difficult just to get to the job site trailer.”

Despite these challenges, Choate was able to apply innovative techniques to dry the soil and pour concrete in freezing temperatures in an effort to maintain the schedule. Additionally, crews worked nights and weekends to get the job done.

“The dedication of Choate people not only to the project but to the owner remains most impressive,” Heflin says. “From estimating to financials to on-site management and scheduling, their care and concern is reassuring. Add to that, the personal calls and visits from [the project manager] and [principal in charge] demonstrate that our project matters to everyone at Choate and is not just another project number.”

Founder and President Millard Choate wouldn’t expect anything less than this type of service. Strong customer service is one of the key values to the organization and its motto is “Reputation is everything.” By providing the best service, it has earned a strong reputation of quality, and 60 percent of its clients are repeat customers.

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