Pledging to product quality Featured

8:01pm EDT August 31, 2011
Pledging to product quality

When Atlanta received record rainfall in September 2009, flooded basements and soaked first floor walls were common. Loading as many personal items as possible on high shelves to escape the water, several past Closets and More customers did not take into consideration the company advised limits of their shelving. But when these shelves consequently needed repair, the company backed its product warranty and repaired the damages without question.

Closets and More President and CEO Jeffrey Lewis has built a company philosophy that a completely satisfied customer is the best form of sales and marketing. The Closets and More lifetime warranty is one way the company ensures customer satisfaction with all of its products.

The company has confidence in its product quality because it operates as a fully integrated solutions provider, differentiating itself within the market by designing, manufacturing and installing each of its custom solutions. By controlling its front and back end services, Closets and More develops an exclusive relationship with its customers. The company’s emphasis on a complete customer experience has attracted a loyal client base, with about two-thirds of business coming from repeats and referrals.

Company employees aim to foster trust with customers and provide a positive, professional experience. The entire design process is explained to a customer, as well as any customer preparation needed before employees show up to work on a project. If such preparation hasn’t been completed, such as clearing out a closet, installers take on the job without hesitation.

Closets and More hires employees who are expected to go above and beyond the expectations of customer service and uphold the reputation of the company. By creating a culture where customer service flourishes, Closets and More provides customers with satisfactory products guaranteed for a lifetime.

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