Service as a full-time job Featured

8:01pm EDT August 31, 2011
Service as a full-time job

Colliers International Management — Atlanta doesn’t have to stress a service mentality with employees because service is the very thing the company sells.

President Charles Swain and his team operate with the idea that customer service is ingrained in the identity of their business as a third-party provider of property management services. The exceptional service resulting from this attitude has given the company a competitive edge within its industry.

Colliers International defines service as exceeding expectations in personal interactions as well as exceeding expectations in business outcomes. With a variety of involved parties to accommodate including tenants, property owners and service vendors, company staff frequently deals with clients on a personal basis.

The company uses several platforms to empower clients and facilitate optimum customer service. Colliers’ 24-hour service center allows the company to respond to emergencies, as well as track the progress of projects and actions taken on behalf of clients. The Online SharePoint Property Portal aids communication between the leasing representative, property owners and property managers, allowing for discussion on projects and easy sharing of calendars and filed documents. Through Nexus Payables, an online approval payment process, Colliers International can ensure speed, accuracy and accountability.

The company also assembles teams within the company’s management division to work together to care for physical assets, monitor tenant satisfaction and assure financial accountability. To strengthen the cohesiveness of these management teams, Colliers International hosts regular team-building outings, such as whitewater rafting excursions and bowling trips. Many outings also encourage the continued attitude of service and productivity expected of all its employees, such as walking for March of Dimes.

Whether adjusting conference room temperatures before meetings, responding to a roof leak or helping a tenant with a payment plan, service is a full-time job for Colliers International Management — Atlanta.

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