How CSI Laboratories helps doctors take care of their cancer patients Featured

8:00pm EDT October 31, 2012
How CSI Laboratories helps doctors take care of their cancer patients

CSI Laboratories considers client service a way of life. The specialized cancer diagnostics lab encourages its team members to strive to improve client service every day in their interactions with one another, with clients, with vendors and with everyone else with which they come in contact.

Led by President and CEO Heather Creran, CSI works with pathologists and oncologists to help determine correct diagnoses and select the best treatment options for their patients. Each day CSI receives patients’ biopsies from across the country. Its medical, lab and operations teams test and analyze the material and provide timely information to answer the critical questions facing each patient.

Even though CSI never sees a patient in its facility, patients come first in everything CSI does. The lab’s team members understand that behind every biopsy is a patient and a family anxiously waiting for the results of their test and how it will impact them. CSI knows that the time spent waiting for results can seem like a lifetime, so its team members strive to get the right answers as quickly as possible.

CSI does not offer any testing that is unique or proprietary and most of its testing is paid for by insurance. Therefore, CSI works to differentiate itself through the level of quality and services it provides — the quality and accuracy of its tests and results, the speed with which it is able to complete the testing and the information systems it uses to convey the answers to its clients.

“We depend on CSI’s quality, speed and collaborative approach to keep our clients happy,” says Dr. Julie Plumbley of Blue Ridge Pathologists and Augusta Medical Center in Staunton, Va. “CSI’s service is second to none. They demonstrate it every day. They may be our send-out lab, but it feels like they’re right here in the community with us.”

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