How Park ’N Fly strives to please customers by giving them more than parking Featured

8:00pm EDT October 31, 2012
How Park ’N Fly strives to please customers by giving them more than parking

Off-airport parking provider Park ’N Fly says its goal is to create customers for life by attaining its vision of making its customers’ lives easier by providing more than just parking.

This vision is exemplified by Park ’N Fly’s showcase Atlanta Plus lot, where its customers can drop off their dog or cat for boarding at Pet Paradise, have their car parked by a valet, leave their car at Jiffylube to have the oil changed while they’re away, have their car washed or detailed, drop off their luggage, get their boarding pass for their flight, and then ride a Park ’N Fly shuttle to the terminal — all of which certainly qualifies as more than parking.

An important component of Park ’N Fly’s customer service program is its Listen 360 Survey. Park ’N Fly, led by President and CEO Anthony Paalz Jr., is engaged companywide in Net Promoter Score measurements of customer service execution, and it has engaged Listen 360 to survey its customers and provide data on a daily basis via an NPS survey that customer can access online. Park ’N Fly tracks the results weekly by lot and creates trend reports that enable it to monitor how well its lots are doing in serving customers through the customers’ eyes.

Park ’N Fly partners with several companies, such as Inktel Contact Center Solutions, to help it provide its customers with the highest level of service possible.

“We have had the pleasure of being a partner of Park ’N Fly for almost four years,” says Summer Dennis, vice president of client services at Inktel. “Park ’N Fly has been very demanding with us in ensuring that a high level of customer service is provided at all times, and for that we are very grateful. As partners, we have made each other better and have created a better experience for Park ’N Fly customers.”

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