Seeing a niche Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Business Services

Arnie Malham grew his business, cj Advertising LLC, from just two guys and a beat-up car on the street into a full-service advertising agency that services clients from New York to California.

The company has a specific niche that Malham noticed. He saw that there was not a clear way for injury lawyers to get their firms noticed, so he decided to change that. Now, cj Advertising caters to these firms and empowers them to focus on their businesses.

Malham’s employees are all about getting things done because that’s how he is. He operates with a mindset that it’s better to do it and get it wrong than to talk about it all day long and not accomplish anything. One example of this approach is through a new initiative that cj launched, which is a new entity that focuses on personal injury law and news. This didn’t even exist a year ago, and now it does because of their drive for trying new things.

Malham also teaches employees to strive for higher levels and to constantly reach that next big thing. For example, each quarter, employees are paid to read and discuss industry and business books. He says it’s the cheapest and most effective training that the company can offer, and he never misses a meeting of this book club.

Over the years, cj has grown to be the largest full-service advertising agency in the country, but it also continues to cater to personal injury lawyers. Malham’s long-term goal is to build and represent the top 50 personal injury brands in the country. While he offers traditional services of media placement and production, Malham’s firm also completes all of its clients’ marketing plans by offering Web services, public relations, database mining as well as yellow-page design, tracking and management.

How to reach: cj Advertising LLC, (615) 254-6634 or