Following a passion Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Even though Arul Murugan graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, he was always fascinated by technology and believed that he could do wonders by applying the right technology to business. So after two years of industry experience with a manufacturing company following his college years, he decided to switch gears and make a career change to implementing ERP technology solutions.

He was very successful, and after another two years, he decided to leave his salaried job and become an independent consultant. This was his first step toward true entrepreneurship. After four years of being a consultant, he started his own business, enrich IT Inc., which specializes in extending Oracle solutions, particularly ERP, CRM, BI/analytics, supply chain and procurement.

At the time, he had just a few thousand dollars in initial capital. Through a combination of believing in himself, doing what he knew best and having visionary thinking all mixed with working hard and being aggressive with a focused approach, he grew the business to several million dollars last year.

What’s more impressive is that he was able to do all of this without borrowing money at any time. Murugan and his wife are 100 percent owners in the company, so they’re able to push back all of the profits to reinvest in the company and the people that have helped them become such a success.

All of this has helped the company catch the eye of people in the marketplace. It has received several notable growth awards over the last couple of years both locally and nationally, including being ranked a top five company in Georgia and being ranked as one of the top five IT services nationwide.

How to reach: enrich IT Inc., (770) 667-0510 or