3 Questions Featured

7:00pm EDT February 23, 2010

As the president and managing partner for Meeting Expectations, Brian Meyer is responsible for the overall strategic direction and financial performance of the company, executive development, and key customer contact. Meyer joined the company in 1997 and has also worked as the financial manager and vice president of finance and administration.

Q. Why should a business work with an event management firm?

The biggest thing a midsized business sometimes neglects is they just look at the dollars — What is it going to cost? What are we going to take in? How much are the profit and the loss going to be? — and they can neglect the overall event strategy. There are some important aspects of the event strategy that we can bring to the table to help you look at the ROI.

Q. Other than quality events and the ability to remain on budget, what important values does a firm provide?

The first thing, and this is the future of so many businesses, is to ask what the event management firms have in terms of technology. Technology is something you can really leverage to create a lot of efficiencies. What online registration systems do they use? Do they have their own in-house system? Can they help to deliver new solutions and reach out to your audience?

There are so many firms out there that plan the same events, and they do the same thing, and they charge the same price, but there are so many other opportunities out there for things to sponsor and revenues to generate. You can sell your Twitter feed for the event, you can sponsor e-mail functions, lunch functions, you can package things together. There are so many ideas out there to generate additional attendance and revenue for your events.

Q. What are some of the newer services a firm can provide for a small or medium business?

A virtual conference is big. You might have a great live event that you’ve relied on and that has been successful, and you don’t want to lose that, but maybe not everyone can travel to that event. Why not offer a complementary event on a more virtual platform?