The secret to success Featured

11:16am EDT October 4, 2010

Aventis Systems, Inc., located in Marietta, Georgia, is one of the fastest growing companies in the refurbished server business. Founded in January of 2008, Aventis Systems grossed 2.8 million dollars in revenue its first year in business and this year they are expected to hit just over 10 million. So what’s the secret to success for a small business like Aventis Systems?

Tiffany Bloomer, Director of Business Development, shares with us some of the strategies Aventis Systems developed at the beginning that set the company up for success in the refurbished hardware industry.

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Tiffany Bloomer is the Director of Business Development for Aventis Systems, Inc. Reach her at

Tracy Lovitz is the Marketing Manager for Aventis Systems, Inc. Reach her at