Worldwide aspirations Featured

10:55am EDT June 27, 2005

While working for the India offices of the Institute for Cultural Affairs, Raymond Spencer got the idea for a company that would match the Indian emphasis on developing a skilled information technology work force with an unmet demand in the United States for technology skill.

The concept became Kanbay International and has worked so well that Spencer's work force now totals more than 3,700. This growth occurred while maintaining industry-leading retention rates for employees. Spencer says to continue this success, the company needs to nurture its culture while continuing to be disciplined around its processes -- something he refers to as "scaling eloquently."

Every new employee goes through a six-week induction into the community and culture of Kanbay. The culture is important to Spencer, who points out a balance must be struck among intellectual rigor, disciplined execution and an unbound passion in order to make its largest asset, its people, satisfied professionally and personally.

Spencer plans on expanding organically by increasing the number of third-party clients, optimizing relationships with related parties and continuing to improve efficiencies and operating margins.

Spencer is a member of the Information Technology Association of America, Advisory Board of the Cross Atlantic Technology Fund and The Economic Club of Chicago. He was inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2003 and was named laureate in the Computerworld Honors Program, which distinguishes innovators around the world whose visionary use of information technology produces positive social change.