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Silver lining Featured

10:35am EDT June 28, 2005

Scott Rosenbach worked in the bath liner industry early in his career. Frustrated with poor quality and the service being provided, he went into business with Tom Barzantny to form BCI Acrylic Bath Systems.

BCI, unlike other acrylic liner manufacturers, does not require its customers to buy a franchise from them to sell their products. They believe that by offering a superior product and superior service that customers will remain loyal. There are no binding agreements, and they view their dealers as their partners.

"If BCI can make a dealer successful, it comes back to us," says Rosenbach. "We have enough. Why not help other to be successful, too?"

Quality and service are at the core of the company's operating strategy. If a customer needs something in a hurry, the pair literally stops the production line and makes what the customer needs. Employees are told to expect to stop the line at least once per day to provide special service to a customer in need.

The company also has a patent pending on a unique installation, but it's people that really make the difference.

When asked how the company attracts and retains people who will live up to BCI's high service standard, Rosenbach says: "We treat them with respect. We pay them very well. Every year we try to add something to the package."

BCI currently works with 400 dealers in the United States and Canada. Rosenbach says they didn't set out to be the biggest, just the best.