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Innovative traveler Featured

11:32am EDT June 27, 2006
While working in the travel industry, Mat Orrego saw opportunities for innovation.

He saw a need to automate processes during the ticketing and reservation of travel arrangements. There was an opportunity to reduce errors that appeared in nearly 40 percent of all reservations, improve customer satisfaction and give travel agencies an edge by fulfilling their clients’ travel preferences.

He founded Cornerstone Information Systems and serves as its president and CEO.

Orrego created an automated quality control application to reduce the amount of manual intervention needed in the reservation process, lowering the cost of producing a reservation while at the same time increasing traveler satisfaction by delivering an accurate reservation.

Cornerstone’s success is based on continually assessing the challenges of the industry and delivering products and services that meet those needs.

For example, in 2001, he opened the first analysis tool for airfares and brought on 40 new airlines as customers. Last year, he launched hosted solutions to minimize the customers’ technology support liability and in 2006 launched a professional services division to deliver end-to-end technology, process consulting and services.

His commitment to innovation has resulted in 52 straight quarters of profit and growth, despite the challenges of a post-Sept. 11 travel market, new online competitors and a weak airline industry.

Orrego built the company one key position at a time, and his focus on the customer has resulted in a retention rate of 92 percent.

“Immerse yourself in the chaos of your customers’ most critical needs,” Orrego says. “This is where the best opportunities are to serve, to be generous with your talents, to help your customers be more successful and to help your company make money.”

How to reach: Cornerstone Information Systems, (812) 320-1694 or www.ciswired.com