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11:58am EDT June 27, 2006
E. David Locke was introduced to banking in his high school’s Junior Achievement program where he learned the role of entrepreneurship in a free-market economy.

His first job out of high school was at a community bank, and he supported himself through six years of college night classes while working full time at a bank by day. It should be no surprise that Locke went on to become one of the youngest bank presidents in the country.

Under his leadership, McFarland State Bank has grown from a small, rural community lender with $4 million in assets to a regional business lender with assets of more than $255 million.

For nearly 30 years, Locke has capitalized on the competitive advantages of closely held ownership and trusted, long-tenured employees by offering rapid, personalized response to customer needs. He has maintained a steady focus on two customer groups: community members and entrepreneurs.

The bank’s commercial lending offerings are deliberately designed to attract the region’s burgeoning business and entrepreneurial sectors. He empowers loan officers to develop custom credit packages so entrepreneurs can maintain cash flow flexibility and make adjustments in debt service requirements as business cycles fluctuate.

These highly personalized services appeal to business start-ups, developers and rapidly expanding enterprises that might be disqualified or set up for failure by a larger bank.

He also recognizes the value of recruiting and retaining qualified and motivated employees to build customer trust and identify opportunities for innovation.

How to reach: McFarland State Bank, www.msbonline.com