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Cooking up success Featured

12:32pm EDT June 27, 2006
When Peter Dunn came to Steak n Shake, he saw it as a small company that had suddenly found itself big.

It was suffering from operational challenges and decreased sales because of a failure to keep up with its rapid growth.

Dunn had a great interest in the service industry, where companies control their own channels of distribution. He believed Steak n Shake to be a company that could determine its own destiny. This situation provided numerous opportunities for change and additional growth.

Under Dunn’s leadership, an intense focus on continuous improvement has developed. This focus revolves heavily on the concept of loyalty. The company strives to maintain a loyalty to those it serves internally as well as externally, mainly through “inspired associates” and “delighted guests.” The motivation behind inspiring the company’s associates is based on the theory that they are the ones who represent the company on a daily basis.

Through constant recognition and increased opportunities for growth and advancement, the company fosters inspiration and genuine loyalty among associates. The concept of a delighted guest is built around the making of a regular customer. The company continually explores new ways to turn a first-time guest into a devoted loyalist. The implementation of this ideal is a clear example of how Dunn sets incredibly high standards for the company and those representing it.

Dunn’s vision has led to improved results in all key measures. Turnover is at record lows and guest satisfaction is on the rise.

How to reach: Steak n Shake, (317) 633-4100 or www.steaknshake.com