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Universal appeal Featured

12:41pm EDT June 27, 2006
William Rothwell, president of Universal Insurance Services, understands the power of relationships.

His innovative strategies include:

  • Focus on insurance services as a value-added, personal relationship business. Rothwell’s emphasis for the organization has been on relationships with Universal’s clients and to ensure that Universal exceeds their expectations.

To this end, Universal does not quote or bid on work like other insurance agencies, but differentiates itself from the competition through value-added services in order to win the business. This keeps client turnover low.

  • Emphasize networking relationships with other companies. Rothwell is aware of innovations in the insurance industry. He is aware of his competition, innovations in other industries that may transfer to his business and is cognizant of services he needs to add to his company. His position on advisory committees for the companies that Universal represents enables him to learn of these innovations and make contacts that will benefit his customers in the future.

The company obtains great people for growth by participating in a number of internships with local colleges and universities each year. He has developed people through participative management in selection of both the mission and the core values of Universal, and through training inside and outside the company.

He encourages communication and will only be involved when conflict cannot be resolved.

How to reach: Universal Insurance Services, (616) 336-0106 or www.uis-inc.com