Loyalty builder Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Anil Sunkara founded AdvanSoft International Inc. in 1998, leaving a lucrative job as a consultant with Arthur Andersen.

Based on prior experience, he developed a business strategy that he knew clients would benefit from. He was only 26 years old at the time, and worked hard and took on huge personal and financial risks in the early stages of the business.

Within just four months, he had 25 consultants and a top training center in Chicago.

By 2000, he had 100 consultants and was still growing.

Sunkara’s business development skills reached into other industries when the dot-com bust and economic downturn hit in 2001. The company suffered a loss, but he took a leap of faith and started an ethnic grocery chain, mainly to make sure that all the employees had enough work so he wouldn’t have to lay them off.

This change in business paid off, because regardless of the economy, everybody needs food. Today, his chain, Namaste Plaza, is the second biggest Indian grocery chain in the United States with 15 stores.

In 2005, seeing the boom in the infrastructure industry in India, Sunkara started AK Estates, a real estate construction company, and in 2006, started AdPharma when he saw the potential in clinical trials outsourcing.

Sunkara built a family-friendly culture at his company, and has provided free accommodation and training to all of his out-of-state consultants during the time they go through training.

HOW TO REACH: AdvanSoft International Inc., www.adso.com or (847) 952-0000