Driving forward Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

When Don Johnson took the helm as CEO at Aftermarket Technology Corp., there was no focus, and customers were unhappy and actively seeking alternative suppliers.

ATC was originally formed to consolidate companies in the fragmented automotive drivetrain remanufacturing industry.

Johnson staked his reputation on the belief that he could reinvent the company into a credible and sustainable growth story, despite price pressures, a declining customer base and new competitors.

He devised a strategy to attract new customers and new markets by an unrelenting dedication to quality, customer service, and competitive costs driven by strict metrics and capitalizing on ATC’s strengths. ATC helped grow and improve its customers’ businesses, and in return, established the foundation for its own growth.

Johnson has worked with his team to improve ATC’s image in the marketplace and with its customers to evolve the company into a growth engine by developing a customer-focused organization.

ATC is now recognized as a top company in its industry and has landed and grown new business with premier customers like Honda, Allison, BorgWarner and General Motors. It is also recognized as the industry leader in material reclamation for its remanufacturing services.

In 2005, ATC launched its first company-wide leadership development program with an initial focus on front-line supervisory teams, representing the first such formal training many of the 250 participants had ever received. Developing and training managers is key to the company’s ability to retain and motivate its work force, and most importantly, solidify the performance-driven culture for profitable growth. HOW TO REACH:

HOW TO REACH: Aftermarket Technology Corp., www.goatc.com or (630) 663-8219