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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

The growth of Butterball Farms has been no accident. Mark Peters, president, utilizes a business model that focused on depth of people and talent. When Peters took control of the company, he began to bring people of talent on board who understood the value of quality and initiative. He lets his team do what it does best. Peters surrounds himself with leaders who can achieve growth. His leadership team participates in two one-week strategic workshops each year focusing on two- to five-year planning.

Peters has vision to see possibilities and courage to act when they arise. When a business that makes specialized and patented parts for Butterball Farms’ manufacturing lines came on the market, he immediately worked with his leadership team to purchase the business and TAS Solutions became a sister affiliate of Butterball.

Peters also looks for global opportunities. He and his team researched a family-owned butter manufacturing plant in Canada, and now, the Stirling Creamery is a partner company providing beautiful commercial and retail butter in Canada. The plan for future growth is to continue to think globally while acting locally. Partnerships and initiatives with national and international companies are a main focus of the strategic plan.

Peters has also helped implement a wellness program that builds incentives for employees to stop smoking, lower their weight and blood pressure, and begin exercising. An amazing 96 percent of employees began the program, and a year later, 91 percent are still in it.

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