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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Jill Hebert had worked for exhibit companies for several years but found that customer needs were not being met to the high standards that she expected. As a result, she founded Matrex Exhibits in 1987.

Having developed an incredibly successful mix of product and service offerings to exceed customer expectations, Matrex was on its way to becoming the prominent industry player that it is today.

The initial growth at the company came in spite of personal and financial obstacles. Hebert, a mother of two young children, created a delicate balance that allowed for success in both her personal and professional life. The synergies and satisfactions experienced by this balance brought a quality of life far exceeding anyone’s expectations. Early growth was financed through strict budgeting and a home equity loan.

Matrex willingly accepts adversity and develops strategies to benefit from any situation. During economic downturns, Hebert’s leadership focused on the company’s efforts to secure customers across a very diverse range of industries. The efforts allowed the company to continue serving existing clients but grew the company with revenue from industries not outwardly affected by the same economic conditions. During the same economic downturns, many competitors with the same level of leadership went out of business.

Hebert encourages employees at the process level to provide input in the continual development of the business; it is the employees who are often sought out to provide solutions for customers and team members. The culture is as much bottom-up as it is top-down. Seeking counsel on complex business issues is a two-way street. The opinions of everyone employed are seen as valuable and processes are improved as a result.

HOW TO REACH: Matrex Exhibits, www.matrexexhibits.com