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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Founder and CEO Michael Evans emptied his savings to fund AIT Laboratories because after 20 years in academia, he thought it was time to take his technical expertise to the next level.

He had an intricate knowledge of toxicology to provide clients with accurate test results generated from cutting-edge instrumentation and handled by workers specially trained to manage the testing process. To ensure success, he focused his efforts on three distinct markets — forensics, clinical (which now includes pain management) and pharmaceutical — allowing for optimal growth in the areas where the company is most competent.

This business model has resulted in record-breaking growth that includes an 80 percent growth rate in revenue and 170 percent increase in net profits in 2007.

Evans’ corporate success was gained by overcoming an initial lack of business savvy and slow expansion of clientele. But his ability to stay focused on the company’s long-term goals has propelled AIT ahead of its competitors by offering $5,000 annually in tuition reimbursement for employees, allowing them to grow with the company, creating new jobs to support the lab’s increased sample load and organizing a world-class executive team to oversee visionary direction.

As AIT maintains its reputation as the leading forensic lab in the nation and breaks into new markets related to clinical and pharmaceutical testing, Evans continues to put the customer at the forefront of the business. A customer satisfaction survey in 2007 showed that 89 percent of AIT’s clients rated the company’s services as excellent.

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