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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

When Patrick O’Rahilly purchased Aspen Marketing Services in 2002, he acquired a company with little cohesion and significant debt.

In addition to the financial and credit risks that he assumed personally, O’Rahilly’s professional reputation was at stake while he worked with multiple banks to find a viable financial solution to the company’s woes. The events of Sept. 11 had created a challenging business climate, and he moved quickly to implement his plan and lead the company into more profitable times.

Today, as a direct result of his actions, passion and foresight, all debt has been settled and all banks have been satisfied ahead of schedule. All shareholders also received positive returns on their investments.

Since taking the helm, O’Rahilly has focused on positioning Aspen as the leading provider of marketing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He has evolved the company’s award-winning direct marketing business to now include new capabilities like digital marketing, events, promotions, analytics, public relations and Hispanic marketing. He was also a pioneer in the creation of measurement tools for clients to gage the effectiveness of marketing dollars, a discipline that is deeply rooted at Aspen.

One of the hallmarks of his leadership is the importance of relationships with clients. The average client tenure at Aspen is more than eight years, a staggering statistic in today’s fast-moving and ever-changing world of marketing.

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