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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Since the firm’s inception, John Udelhofen has navigated Laurus Technologies and its shareholders through partnership changes, board reconstitution and the evolution of complete lines of business, all while guiding the company, as its CEO, to year-over-year growth of nearly 100 percent since 2001.

Today, Laurus Technologies delivers to large and midsized businesses complex solutions ranging from large-scale applications, such as SAP and Oracle, to application and access security, to the system and storage infrastructure the software runs on.

Laurus has done very well in the areas of systems integration, security and EDP consulting, and it’s critical for Laurus to continue to build on its successes in these spaces and grow its existing lines of business in the markets it currently serves. As well as the firm has performed in these markets, Udelhofen believes that the potential is far greater than what has been realized.

In 2007 and 2008, the company invested heavily recruiting key management, sales and consulting talent to replace and augment the partnership in key operational roles, allowing the partners to contribute to broader efforts, including strategy and planning, as well as influencing the business rather than performing the tasks of the business.

Each business unit participates in a comprehensive annual planning process that identifies and prioritizes ways to improve, enhance and enable growth and improvement. Each successive line of business brought into the Laurus portfolio has increased the company’s relevance to its customers. In the continuum of its client’s decision-making process, Laurus is marching from providing high levels of service in technology fulfillment to software development to business application consulting. The firm strives to better its customer relationships through providing more consultative services that closely align IT strategy with business strategy.

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