Law of success Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Edmund Scanlan, founder and CEO of Total Attorneys Inc., has found success by focusing on an underserved niche — small law firms and solo practitioners.

Many companies focus on the needs of large law firms and corporate departments, but they ignore the rest. Scanlan’s vision is to service every small law firm in the country within three years and use a Web interface to do it.

Scanlan has three guiding principles in running his business: Make the company an integral part of its customers’ businesses, create a workplace where employees feel rewarded by the work they do, and continue to find opportunities for employees to improve themselves personally and professionally as the company grows.

He believes that the successes of his company and his employees are intertwined, and if an action will benefit one without benefiting the other, he will not take it.

Scanlan wants to create what many might consider a corporate counterculture — a place where everyone who comes into contact with the organization enjoys working with or in it. That deep-seated belief in what he is doing shows in Total Attorney’s approach to the current market. He remains bullish on his business, knowing that he is filling a niche that no other entrepreneur is by providing end-to-end services for small law firms and solo practitioners using technology, process and people.

He wants to create a culture that is so unique and so positive that the company attracts the best and brightest to work there. He uses Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks to do that so the company can draw the caliber of people who are currently going to Microsoft, Google and other high-profile corporations.

This mindset also carries over to his customers, promising overworked attorneys at small firms that they will be able to achieve a balanced life by turning over time-consuming but noncore tasks to Total Attorneys.

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