Dedicated interest Featured

1:01pm EDT June 26, 2006
Michael Silver formed Equis Corp. with a vision of becoming the leading real estate consulting firm for tenants.

He thought there was an inherent conflict in representing both real estate owners and investors, and real estate occupiers, so he started Equis to give tenants a choice of a company that didn’t have a conflict.

His innovative strategies include:

  • Focus on adding value by offering a complete line of services. Equis goes beyond finding commercial property space for the consumer. It provides services geared toward helping clients make educated decisions, including designing floor plans, HR and IT structuring, strategic footprint development and functioning as the real estate department when needed.


  • Dedicated solely to the space consumer with no conflict of interest. Silver says the real estate market is likely to go through the same public and regulatory scrutiny regarding conflicts of interest that has recently affected the accounting, investment and insurance industries.


  • Vision for the future. The impact of Sarbanes-Oxley creates more opportunities for Equis because of more focus being placed on corporate governance and financial statement transparency, including having a company’s real estate holdings shown on the balance sheet.

Silver sees the next opportunity as increased business with multi-national companies. Equis already has more than 30 offices serving clients globally and looks to expand these services to other markets.

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