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Growing like a weed Featured

11:46am EDT June 27, 2006
Mike Kerton turned his boyhood love of working in the landscape to the purchase of his own business in his early 20s.

With only a handful of accounts, Landscape Management Concepts struggled at first, but Kerton’s commitment to service and quality soon had it growing fast. His strategy since the beginning was to have a total dedication to the quality of services provided.

His key strategies are:

  • Deliver on-time service and stand behind the work. By consistently performing quality work on time, the company is able to satisfy customer demands. Kerton’s philosophy is that every client should feel like they are the most important client. LCM will never walk out on a client before a job is over. Even if there is a disagreement or a job is losing money, Kerton will always stand by his work and finish the contract.


  • Integrate all exterior landscape-related services. LCM offers a single point of contact and offers clients all services in-house under Kerton’s direct supervision, by his own employees, using his own equipment. LCM performs all type of exterior landscaping including tree care, environment restoration, irrigation, water features, aquatics, fertilization, seasonal colors, winter dcor, hardscaping, planning, design and construction. LCM does not outsource any facet of its services, which allows the company to guarantee the quality of its work.

How to reach: Landscape Concepts Management, (847) 223-3800 or www.landscapeconcepts.com