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Power play Featured

12:03pm EDT June 27, 2006
With so many different investment options out there, it’s hard to believe someone could create something unique, but that’s exactly what Bruce Bond did at PowerShares Capital Management.

Bond, the company’s president and CEO, developed a new type of exchange-traded fund that does not merely benchmark the index fund, but is actively managed.

His family of funds is designed to outperform the benchmark index on which it is based. PowerShares’ approach refines these type of investments by incorporating rules-based criteria for selecting stocks at the index level, compared to the more traditional approach of selecting stocks for the underlying index without considering their investment merit.

To sell a new product that people either don’t understand or have never heard of, Bond knew he needed to focus on a marketing and branding effort.

He started a marketing campaign that included direct mail, cold calls to brokers and e-mails. In addition, he went to various brokerage firms to educate and introduce brokers to the product. Within two years, PowerShares has generated media coverage ranging from the Wall Street Journal to CNBC. Bond has appeared on CNNfn, Bloomberg and PowerLunch and has been frequently quoted in trade journals and financial publications.

Over the past 12 months, PowerShares has introduced 32 funds and has seen its assets grow more than 10-fold. The company has plans to launch 35 new funds this year and continues to seek out unique sectors and niches that investors want to participate in.

How to reach: PowerShares Capital Management, (800) 983-0903 or www.powershares.com