Rocking the financial boat Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Larry Taunt, John Kailunas and Brian Yarch had a vision to create a different type of distribution system in the financial services industry. The first degree of separation was with the broker in the independent world.

They formed Regal Financial Group LLC to lend support, guidance and leadership between the broker and the individual producing rep or office. Regal provides experienced services with traditional distribution while doubling industry payouts.

For example, a typical payout for a Merrill Lynch adviser is 35 percent. Regal offers a minimum of a 75 percent payout and does not have proprietary products.

The company was also the first to envision the integrated financial services model. Simply stated, Regal has assembled professionals from other disciplines to assist with client needs, such as mortgages, banking, insurance, legal and accounting. This model has created customer trust and loyalty not equaled in the industry. A customer now has access to professional services from distinct practices working together in a relationship-nurturing environment.

Regal assists the producer in building his or her practice. The company offers workshops, seminars and meetings to assist producers build relationships, not just writing a contract. The integrated services model compliments the process of building the client relationship and securing it.

HOW TO REACH: Regal Financial Group LLC, or (616) 224-2204