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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Junction Solutions Inc. began with a unique premise: Leverage the company’s capacity to deliver robust, industry-specific software solutions, along with outstanding quality services, to transcend stand-alone solutions based on outdated legacy technology while leveraging Microsoft’s tremendous investment in innovation and standardization.

The company, led by Brian Carpizo, CEO and founder, has carved out a niche in the ERP and business intelligence software solutions industry, catering specifically to the retail and food and beverage industries with its significant arsenal of internally developed IP while offering the most flexible and robust technological solutions available. With a client list of household names in place and having overcome the obstacle that it was not a Microsoft “reseller” but a Microsoft technology and marketing partner, Junction Solutions has quickly established itself as the provider of choice in two large industry verticals.

The classic business model lines up with what Junction Solutions has been set up to provide — innovative ways to make clients’ businesses more effective so they can serve their customers better. The company invests the time and resources into hiring and developing creative and innovative people with the right level of industry expertise to work with clients to solve issues.

The best solutions are saved and incorporated into the company’s flagship products. Yet software is just a CD or download — unless there is well-executed implementation and timely support, which makes the organization’s backing by Microsoft the key to providing access to the formidable resources of the world’s largest software company while customers still get the ear of someone who knows their systems.

HOWTO REACH: Junction Solutions Inc., or (847) 404-5150