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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Steven Zuccarini left the security of a large, established company in order to pursue the raw potential he saw at InnerWorkings Inc. He saw a solid foundation, a world of opportunity and employees ready to actively participate in the company’s success.

Zuccarini believed in the business model — managed print and promotional solutions to clients in the United States. But he also saw the opportunity the company had to sell its enterprise solution to Fortune 500 clients. The obstacle would be in convincing the organization of that potential. In turn, Zuccarini fostered a culture at InnerWorkings that enabled employees the freedom to attempt something great and not be afraid to fail, while also providing the ability for employees to make decisions without overanalyzing them.

Under his leadership, the company now has added 25 Fortune 500 clients in the three years since he started. Those clients have fueled the nearly 100 percent revenue growth each year. This is especially impressive given that the print industry in general has only been growing at 3 to 5 percent annually for the past decade.

A continuing challenge is to not only maintain these accounts but increasing penetration. In 2007, InnerWorkings saw a 35 percent increase in revenue from these accounts, compared to 2006. This was made possible by the strong customer relationships Zuccarini and his team forged through its high-service, low-cost business model.

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