Unique security Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

David Gupta founded SD•I (System Development•Integration LLC) in 1996 after seeing a market need for technology-based tools to support owners and managers of spatially oriented physical assets.

In building such a unique organization, Gupta needed to find and mold the right management team to support the business model. When the firm required cash during tight times in 2001, he put himself at personal risk by guaranteeing a revolving line of credit to fund the day-to-day operations and project start-up costs.

After Sept. 11, SD•I evolved to deliver technology-based support of mission critical systems and infrastructure that were directly impacted by Homeland Security issues and property ownership responsibilities. When SD•I secured a significant multiyear, multi-million-dollar security contract in 2004, Gupta proved that the company could deliver — and financially back — larger size contracts typically pursued by national systems integrators.

SD•I’s ability to retain driven talent, even through tumultuous economic times, is directly related to the culture that Gupta has created. SD•I currently stands at a 91 percent employee retention rate. Members of the SD•I team share Gupta’s passion of providing critical services to meaningful clients and are fulfilled by knowing that their work has a real impact on the community, securing airports, enabling 911 calls, moving public transit and educating children.

The company’s growth plans are driven by both acquisition and organic growth strategies, with the intention of replicating its successful, relationship-driven, Chicago-based business model in other markets.<<

HOW TO REACH: SD•I LLC, www.sdienterprises.com