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10:15am EDT June 28, 2005

Gian Fulgoni left his job as president and CEO of IRI Inc. in 1998 to co-found comScore Networks, the first market research company to provide services that continuously measure consumers' buying and browsing activity on the Internet and integrate that data with attitudinal information.

Because the percentage of visitors to a given Web site who actually make a purchase is small, the sample size requirement for reliable measurement of purchasing behavior was estimated to exceed 1 million consumers.

Currently, comScore has a panel of opt-in consumers that allows the company to provide timely insights into consumer behavior and attitudes that can be used to build successful marketing, sales and trading strategies.

When a consumer agrees to join the comScore panel, his or her PC is configured to surf the Web through comScore's network of nearly 700 high-performance data collection servers. This allows comScore to capture data from millions of PCs, without the burden of updating changes in software functionality across such a large population.

Consumers benefit as well, with panelists' Web connection speeds increasing by as much as 100 percent. This innovation is now part of the offering of most major ISPs, three years after comScore offered it to its customers.

Fulgoni strives to increase the depth and quality of data to help clients develop marketing strategies and tactics that deliver superior ROI and provide the marketplace with the only accurate means of measuring the success of e-commerce ventures.