Beating the system Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Mike Simmons co-founded T2 Systems Inc. and has led the company through 15 years of exponential growth, continuing to set the company’s corporate strategy and champion its execution.

Simmons, who serves as chairman and CEO, has focused his business on the philosophy of providing high-level customer service and attributes the success of T2 to the fact that it strives to develop relationships with customers, providing unmatched after-sale support and service. The expectations and standards that he has set for meeting customer needs has driven most of his business decisions during the past two years.

In order to effectively manage growth and achieve the level of customer satisfaction that had become expected, Simmons realized it was time to reorganize part of the company’s staff. Working with his leadership team, he developed a more streamlined, customer-facing organization that has consistently met customer expectations.

Simmons’ commitment to keeping a healthy, successful company continues in these difficult economic times. Most of T2’s customers are state, municipal or educational institutions, hit hard by the economy, with limited or no travel budgets and constraints on spending. In order to prepare for more challenging times, Simmons again realigned staff and resources to ensure that T2 was working as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing customer commitments. He also worked to ensure that T2’s budget was realistic and appropriate.

All of these efforts demonstrate Simmon’s perseverance and ability to take risks in situations that are clouded with uncertainty. Although no one is able to predict how the economy will affect his business, and many of T2’s clients and potential clients are struggling with dwindling budgets, Simmons has remained focused, and T2 is on track for continued growth in 2009.
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