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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Thirty-eight years ago, Dale Pollak learned that he was going blind, and the doctor advised his mother he would likely not go to college.

Since that time, he has started several successful businesses and revolutionized the way auto dealers do business. And his latest venture, vAuto Inc., is no exception.

Pollak always understood that the used vehicle operations of a dealership needed to operate on principles of investment rather than simply on the principles of merchandising, as was commonly accepted. He also recognized that the Internet was transforming the used vehicle business from an inefficient market that favored dealers to an efficient market, creating parity between buyers and sellers.

Recognizing that efficient markets are driven by the economic principles of supply, demand and price sensitivity, Pollak created an innovative technology solution that quantified these key metrics for any vehicle in any market at any time. Rather than simply making decisions based on a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, dealers could now make decisions about what to stock, how to value a vehicle and how to price a vehicle with quantified metrics of supply and demand.

To do this, Pollak created technology that harvests the Internet and then quantifies and temporalizes supply and demand data from more than 40,000 Web sites containing used vehicle listings. Drawing from his years of retail automotive experience, he has injected sophisticated investment disciplines into a relatively unsophisticated user environment. To bridge the gap of understanding and acceptance, Pollak uses his unique ability to communicate the ideas of sound investment practices to his industry audience.

Pollak has demonstrated that there is virtually no limit to the practical applications of his data, and dealerships across the country have adopted his system, experiencing dramatic performance improvements.

For More Information: vAuto Inc., www.vauto.com