Recipe for success Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

It began with cake. Charles T. Angell’s father founded the company that became Newly Weds Foods Inc. in 1932 with sheet cake that could be rolled without cracking. When he added ice cream, he had the first ice cream cake roll.

Since Angell became president and CEO, he’s added more complex ingredients to his recipe for success. He picked up where his father left off when he recognized the expanding frozen food market in the ’50s and applied his baking technology to batters and breadings that could freeze-thaw for wider distribution.

When the younger Angell took over in 1974, he expanded the company’s geographic reach. Through a string of strategic acquisitions, joint ventures and organic growth, he took the company from one Chicago plant to 24 worldwide. With the growing footprint came an expanding product portfolio — not to mention an exponential rocket in revenue. Angell looked beyond the core competencies to embrace other relevant product capabilities, such as seasoning for food processing and foodservice industries.

But it was never just about capturing additional market share or adding new offers. Angell’s goal is to add value through support and service that demonstrates commitment to the customer’s business. New locations are in strategic proximity to customers, speeding up delivery and allowing technical staff to support customer needs in on-site labs.

The company also stays on top of changing needs with pilot plants, customer training sessions, a culinary group, a global regulatory department and a menu-tracking database that identifies new product and flavor trends.

Angell continues to invest in his people, infrastructure, equipment and technology to improve the company’s opportunities. Personally, he also invests in the arts, donating to Goodman Theatre, Ravinia Festival Association and the Chicago Opera Theatre. He assumed presidency of the latter during a time of financial woes and repositioned it for future success.

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