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10:35am EDT July 5, 2011
Hop to it

After tuning in to his favorite TV show, “The Amazing Race,” Joe Reynolds wanted to formulate an adventure that everyone could enjoy. In 2007, he developed a business built on bringing the joys of the popular television show to the masses.

Great Urban Race launched as a citywide scavenger hunt, allowing participants to get to know their city in a nontraditional way. Reynolds launched the Great Urban Race website, hosting eight races the same year. From there, he took the concept even further by creating a thriving event planning company in the active entertainment industry, now known as Red Frog Events. With the help of the Red Frog Events team, Reynolds later launched two additional alternative running series, Warrior Dash and Beach Palooza.

However, creating unique events encompassed only half of Reynolds’ mission as founder and president. He also wanted to dedicate himself to reinventing the standard workplace. Red Frog Events’ rapid growth is a distinguished testament to Reynolds’ mission and, at the same time, one of his largest challenges. In its first year, Red Frog Events had six employees in a brightly colored office. Now, there are 75 employees inhabiting a summer-camp-themed office — and the company continues to grow.

Red Frog Events is all about growth: growing as an individual, growing as a family and growing as a company. Reynolds has merged success and happiness by embracing change and encouraging fun.

In 2007, the company’s eight Great Urban Race events had 1,200 participants. In 2011, Red Frog Events will coordinate 85 events, three race series with 200,000 participants registered as of March. The growth can be attributed to great customer service from a motivated staff that is passionate about their work and curious about the world — two personality traits that help drive Red Frog’s unique culture.

How to reach: Red Frog Events, (773) 687-4595 or www.redfrogevents.com