Embracing the underdog Featured

10:57am EDT July 5, 2011
Embracing the underdog

Facing two established competitors with two dominant market products, Andrew Sieja was an underdog to say the least when it came to entering the arena of e-discovery software. Yet whenever someone came up to him and told him that his company, kCura, could never compete in the market, he disagreed. And it’s a good thing, too, because that stubborn determination was critical in his growing the company from six engineers to 125 employees in just a decade and making the company the market leader.

Still, the journey wasn’t an easy one. When kCura started out as a software consulting firm Sieja saw that many of his law firm clients were greatly in need of simplified, user-friendly litigation review software. So Sieja dropped the consulting practice, and at one point, he even put up his own money to invest in the new technology. Because he’d been saving the money for a house, he even slept at the company’s office for several weeks.

But Sieja is willing to make sacrifices to get his software solutions in front of clients. When it meant sleeping on hotel room floors, pulling all-nighters or getting a plane last minute to address a client installation issue, he was the first to do it. The perseverance and focus paid off, and today, kCura has gained traction with some of the largest law firms, government agencies and consulting firms around the world.

By offering clients a quality product and personalized service, Sieja aims to become the “Ritz Carlton” of legal software. Though come of his competitors have found success making short-term deals with clients for one-and-done sales or they may only release product updates annually, kCura’s business model focuses on building lasting client relationships. Instead of developing new releases once a year, kCura provides updates for its Relativity technology every two months.

How to reach: kCura, (312) 263-1177 or www.kcura.com