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History lesson Featured

11:11am EDT June 27, 2006
While growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Douglas and David Baum had a passion for fixing things. This passion developed from a childhood interest to a business venture when they bought a two-flat building in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood.

The building needed structural and interior work, so they started their business by performing all the needed work: plumbing, electrical and drywall. After they repaired and rented the building, they realized that there were real estate opportunities in the Chicago market and started Baum Realty.

Baum Realty has been an innovator in adaptive renovation. The brothers are cognizant and respectful of the character that older buildings possess. They think that all too often, aging buildings are demolished, turning history lessons into rubble.

During their renovations, they try to keep as much of the historic detail intact as possible.

On the brokerage side of the business, Baum Realty has been an innovator in corporate culture. The brother believe that brokerage is a team concept, which is contradictory to the brokerage business in general. For example, all employees have access to the same realty database. Most competitors only offer similar databases to pools within the organization, promoting cut-throat sales tactics. At Baum Realty, all members work together for the good of the clients, and pay structures are established to promote company-wide results.

How to reach: Baum Realty, (312) 275-3110 or www.baumrealty.com