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Advertising a winning strategy Featured

11:27am EDT June 27, 2006
CIK Enterprises was formed to provide advertising inserts for two automotive dealerships. Today, with Andy Medley at the helm, the company employs 70.

CIK Enterprises is a holding company with two operating divisions: Tri-Auto Enterprises and Trace Communications. Trace Communications wholesales full-color advertising and marketing printing and mailing services, primarily with newspapers and ad agencies.

Tri-Auto specializes in the marketing of direct mail and newspaper inserts to automobile dealerships and automotive event sales teams.

Innovative strategies used by Medley include:

  • Competitive pricing. The large print volume generated by the business has afforded economies of scale and favorable printing costs, which can be passed on to the customer.


  • Cash is king. Most of the company’s revenue comes from customers on a prepaid basis, while most of their vendors have allowed payment within 45 days, which has resulted in good cash flow for operating purposes.


  • Competitive outlook. Medley analyzes the competition, determines their weaknesses and works to avoid those problems with his company.


  • Open-book management. CIK employs an open-book management system where employees are considered part of the team and the financial goals and results are open to all who are part of the team. All employees act and think like owners, which motivates them to work toward achieving common goals.

How to reach: CIK Enterprises, www.cikenterprises.com