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12:05pm EDT June 27, 2006
Matthew Moog began experimenting with e-commerce when he spent four and a half years working at Microsoft helping companies launch businesses on the Internet.

He joined CoolSavings in 1996 as its third employee as vice president of sales, and in 2001, Moog was named president and CEO of the company.

CoolSavings was an Internet-based coupon service where people could register and select coupons from a variety of product providers.

Moog was named CEO when the company had reached the end of its original business model, consistent with many of the dot.com startups at that time. Moog’s first task was to significantly reduce employee levels and decide what, if any, the vision of CoolSavings would become.

Under his leadership, the core business was dramatically changed. The name of the company was changed to Q Interactive (QI) in 2006 in order to more accurately reflect the change in core strategy and the company’s ability to offer a variety of services to its customers.

With the company’s change in core strategy to lead generation, QI developed an extraordinarily sophisticated, scaleable and reliable technology and analytical infrastructure that provides for Internet-based marketing that is 100 percent at the permission of the recipient.

This is a huge differentiating factor from the majority of Internet-based marketing approaches and provides businesses the opportunity to obtain qualified leads for product sales.

How to reach: Q Interactive, www.qinteractive.com