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Fun fuel Featured

12:37pm EDT June 27, 2006
Fun with an attitude is Evan Knoll’s motto.

It reverberates in everything Knoll does, from his business to his personal life.

Knoll was a master distributor for Sunoco from 1987 to 1995 when he got the itch to develop a fuel that would make things go faster.

The result was Torco Racing Fuels Inc.

Torco has grown into a complete high-octane fuel blending, storing and resale facility, becoming one of the top private energy reserve movers in the country. Knoll has blended his own fuels and currently has 13 patents and trademarks on race fuel and performance products.

Knoll has learned that being diversified is the name of the game. In addition to his fuels, he has also innovated and trademarked his “Skull” product line. This trademark is on everything from the race cars he owns or sponsors to clothing items, bottled water and, later this year, car care products. He also anticipates expanding his packaged products such as accelerator additives into retail stores, developing a reality TV show and partnering with others to market his Skull brand name on sunglasses, barbecue sauce and marina gear such as surfboards and wet suits.

The company has seen great growth during the last two years and forecasts continued growth for the future. Knoll credits his motivation to seeing other people getting excited, making them laugh and seeing them enjoy life.

How to reach: Torco Racing Fuels Inc., www.torcoracefuels.com