Parker Hinshaw, chairman of the board, maxIT Healthcare Featured

8:03pm EDT June 30, 2012
Parker Hinshaw, chairman of the board, maxIT Healthcare

FINALIST: Health Sciences

It was certainly not the best of times when Parker Hinshaw founded maxIT Healthcare. He had just sold his previous company, but the acquisition did not go well, and Hinshaw ended up $4 million in debt and was at risk of losing his home.

Despite all the tumult, Hinshaw pushed forwarded. Through a personal guarantee, he was able to secure a $50,000 line of credit and launch the company that would grow to be the largest privately held health care IT consulting ?rm in North America with more than 800 consultants.

One of the keys to maxIT’s success has been its ability to see where the market is headed and make moves to provide services that will be needed before competitors can take action.

Hinshaw has also built a strong network of relationships in the health care ?eld. He taps into those to help him and his sales team make smart decisions and identify potentially lucrative sales opportunities. If a situation calls for patience, Hinshaw can wait. If it calls for action, he is also unafraid to make the big decision.

Hinshaw’s goal was to create a business where everyone felt part of the success that was achieved. This is why until recently, Hinshaw sat in on every interview of a new hire. He still shares the books he has read with his employees and when Hinshaw decided he needed to lose some weight, it surprised no one when many employees determined they could exercise a little more and make better choices when it came to their diets. ?

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