How a team of entrepreneurs launched a Peerless Network Featured

8:00pm EDT June 30, 2013
John Barnicle, president and CEO, Peerless Network, Inc. John Barnicle, president and CEO, Peerless Network, Inc.






Emerging Entrepreneur


There were six would-be entrepreneurs incubating at a company called Focal Communications; after each left the business on his own accord, they came together in 2008 to build a venture that they felt had no peer.

The result was Peerless Network, Inc., one of the largest interconnection networks in the country. Through Peerless, wireless carriers, local exchange carriers and cable companies can connect with each other

Under the leadership of John Barnicle, the entrepreneurs created a culture that is acutely focused on providing excellent customer service. Barnicle has a great deal of respect for the team and has established a culture designed to achieve results which are fair and rational.

The entrepreneurs have built a team of committed individuals. Peerless has experienced very low turnover in its workforce. In building the team, the entrepreneurs focused on recruiting individuals they have experience with. They have provided many of their employees with stock options, which has contributed to their success in attracting and retaining talent.

Each of the entrepreneurs has responsibility for a particular function, including finance, sales and marketing, operations, voice operations and engineering. Due in a large part to a focus on excellent customer service, personal attention and technological innovation, the company has never lost a single customer.

Peerless’ approach to winning and keeping business is somewhat unusual in the telecommunications space. Company leaders believe that the personal relationships they have cultivated are key to Peerless’ initial and continued success.

In building its business, Peerless has been able to leverage the historic relationships of each of the entrepreneurs to establish a trust with prospective customers. This trust, along with the reputation the individuals have within the telecommunications industry, has ultimately attracted customers to Peerless.

While the entrepreneurs’ relationships with customers have helped to win and keep business, Peerless’ ability to provide superior services has been the real key to the company’s success.

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