Driven to succeed Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Congratulations to all of the nominees, finalists and winners in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Lake Michigan Area award program. Ernst & Young created the Entrepreneur Of The Year® (EOY) award — the Award for Business Leadership — to honor the accomplishments of the great men and women who make our economy vibrant.

Growing companies are vitally important to us. They create jobs, support their communities, and provide products and services that help drive the economy. It is hard to imagine where we would be today without the entrepreneurs who create growth companies. They are the visionaries and the risk-takers who believe in their dreams and refuse to be denied. Rather than follow in the footsteps of others, entrepreneurs choose instead to lead, to take the road less traveled.

For the past 21 years, we have proudly recognized outstanding business leaders across the Lake Michigan Area program. This year’s Illinois, Indiana, West Michigan and Wisconsin participants have succeeded through turbulent economic times and personal sacrifice, and they have emerged stronger than ever. They’re driven by accomplishment. They have defined sustainability. They’re not afraid to take risks and can see beyond them.

Ernst & Young’s Strategic Growth Markets practice is the leader in serving the Russell 3000, high-growth private companies, companies with significant investments from venture capital or private equity firms, and companies planning to go public. We are committed to serving the entrepreneurial companies throughout their lifecycle. That’s why we started the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.

Join us in congratulating the leaders of today — innovators that have achieved their American dream. We, along with our sponsors and patrons, continue to be inspired and encouraged by the entrepreneurial business achievements of our nominees. The following pages highlight those individuals who pursued this coveted distinction. Ernst & Young is proud to recognize and honor the accomplishments of the people who make this country great.

Congratulations on your continued success.

RANDALL L. TAVIERNE is Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year director, Midwest Area Strategic Growth Markets leader and partner at Ernst & Young LLP.