Steel resolve

David Sutherland was elected president and CEO of IPSCO Inc. in January 2002 during one of the worst downturns ever experienced in the North American steel industry. Very few Canadian companies have been successful penetrating the enormous American market.

IPSCO has not only been successful in that venture, but in the process has transformed itself from a relatively small Canadian pipe company that made steel to a NAFTA-wide steel company focused on infrastructure and energy tubu-lars. Today, IPSCO is the leading producer of steel plate and energy tubulars in all of North America.

The company has targeted North America, where its focus, differentiation and value-chain-oriented strategy will have maximum effect. The core effort of this strategy is to clearly differentiate IPSCO from other steel manufacturers through superior execution of a customer-focused commercial strategy, reliable delivery to market, consistently high-quality product, a growing emphasis on value-added products, technical leadership and strong financial performance.

IPSCO builds brand presence in its primary markets in order to support and extend its ability to differentiate “who we are” and “what we do” from others in the marketplace.

The company’s strength derives not only from the intrinsic competitive abilities of each of the activities along its value chain, but also from the synergistic combination of its facilities, resulting in better service to its customers, good penetration in competitive markets and a set of alternatives that provide a strong defense in difficult markets.

HOW TO REACH: IPSCO Inc., or (630) 810-4766