Merger power Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Since 2002, Larry Andrus has nurtured and guided a talented, diverse and experienced group of professionals at Trivalent Group Inc.

His planning has consistently been one step ahead. In 2002, Trivalent LAN Concepts and Remex Corp. were two independent organizations that were facing a changing economy. Under Andrus’ direction, Trivalent Group was formed to bring these companies together.

In 2004, three more companies were added to the fold.

Some of the innovations that make Trivalent unique from the competition are: providing a bundled solution that combines product solutions, managed services and data communications circuits; Trivalent Capital, which provides financing for the bundled solutions, enabling a one-price solution for customers; and Andrus’ involvement in a national CEO organization, which allows the company to take advantage of knowledge from noncompeting companies.

Trivalent has effectively used both customers and vendors to provide objective input. Some of the tools the company has used are customer surveys, memberships in nonprofit groups and participating in vendor group associations.

Employee input is also important to Andrus. He introduced programs such as Lunch with Larry, a monthly open discussion with various team members on a rotating basis, and monthly management meetings with agendas and action items.

Andrus has successfully repositioned Trivalent Group to strategically partner with its clients to either take the complexity out of technology or take over the technology completely.

HOW TO REACH: Trivalent Group Inc., or (616) 301-6400