People power Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Five years ago, Dave Lindsey told his company’s national convention that “Businesses don’t grow, people do.”

Lindsey, president and founder of DEFENDER Direct, personifies this statement and has worked tirelessly to provide a culture that embodies personal growth as one of four key passions (the others are systems as solutions, developing leaders and expanding influence) that drive the company’s success since its inception 10 years ago.

That commitment to personal growth has served Lindsey and his team well as he has led them through challenges ranging from varied economic conditions, managing fast-paced growth, changing market strategies and attracting talented people to the team. When faced with obstacles, Lindsey has exhibited an uncanny ability to focus on the right priorities and draw his team’s attention there, doing the most important things first and letting the details fall in place behind the strategic needs of the business.

DEFENDER Direct is now the largest dealer in the nation for ADT security systems and Dish Network satellite systems. Lindsey has been an integral part of building these dealer programs and advising his ADT and Dish Network partners on ways they can improve their market position and dealer programs.

His entrepreneurial thinking has added value to both of these partners, and he has been instrumental in helping other dealers improve their businesses. When most other business owners would shun competition, Lindsey embraces an abundance mentality and freely coaches his peers. The end result is a stronger brand and improved business conditions for all.